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Why we only work on German cars?

If you’re the proud owner of a VW, Audi, Porsche or BMW, upkeep is essential for vehicle performance. And we don’t mean going to just any shop for oil changes and tire rotations.

Our technicians are here to answer your questions and provide unrivaled German auto repair and maintenance. If you have a BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, or Porsche bring it to our expert technicians at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora. We have a passion for these vehicles and will give your vehicle the specialized treatment it deserves.

Because German cars are our only focus, we are uniquely poised to share our passion with you by providing both the information you need to know and the specialized services you require. Today, we discuss the essentials of German auto repair and maintenance. Take a look.


German cars have very complex electronics and computers, with many having 30 or more onboard computers and control modules. Some models even have almost 90 electronic control units.

To fix these highly sophisticated cars it takes very specialize diagnostic equipment and not too many shops have that capability. Here at Shaus, we have everything needed for proper German auto repair and maintenance.


German manufactured vehicles are not like other cars. They are engineered for performance. To maintain and repair them takes special tools and diagnostic equipment which are specific to your make, model, and brand.

Most car repair shops do not have the expertise to properly service your German performance vehicle. They won’t be able to diagnose your car’s problems accurately and offer the correct repair. Fortunately, Shaus Motorsport specializes in these cars and we can get you in and out with the right repairs and maintenance.


Unless the shop you go to has deep knowledge of German auto repair and maintenance, they may not be keeping an eye out for issues unique to your vehicle.

For example, some German-made vehicles have sunroofs with a series of drains running from the sunroof through the vehicle body and out underneath the car. These drains need to be thoroughly cleaned or they will back up and possibly flood the interior of your car. Now, besides creating a mess, sensitive electronics under your seats could be damaged and lead to more expensive repairs.


BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche vehicles are programmed to let you know when services need to be done, such as an oil change, replacing air filters, brake fluid, and brake pads, among others. But to read service codes and reset them after the service is done takes specialized factory diagnostic equipment.

Our technicians at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora receive ongoing training on the special requirements for German auto repair and maintenance – which can differ from standard vehicles.

The Shaus Motorsport team is just as passionate about maintaining and repairing German vehicles as you are about owning and driving one. So, come see us.


Several German-made vehicles like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche all use limited slip differentials.

If you drive an Audi A6 Quattro or a Porsche 4S, your tires need to be matched in circumference. A 2/32-inch (2 cm) tread depth difference between tires on the same axle can create rotational speed variances that will cause trouble with the car’s drive train management systems.

Remember tire wear will affect the circumference of a tire, so they should be the same age. So that means tires on the same axle should be replaced at the same time and in the case of the Quattro systems, that means all four tires should be replaced together.

If you come in for tires, we’ll also check on your brakes. German vehicles use brake fluid that attracts moisture, so you need to change your vehicle’s brake fluid at least every two years. We’ll keep you on track.


Whenever you come in for German auto repair and maintenance, Shaus technicians will check your mileage and pay attention to everything you need to keep your performance vehicle running optimally.

We know that paying attention to details can spare you from more extensive issues, and you can trust Shaus to catch the little things that can add up to big repairs.

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