What’s Faster, an Ultralight Plane or a Porsche?

What's Faster, an Ultralight Plane or a Porsche?Have you ever wondered what’s faster, an ultralight plane or a Porsche? Yes, those are the types of things we talk about a Shaus Motorsport in Aurora. Why? Because we think it’s cool, and since we’re Denver’s German auto repair professionals, we, of course, want the Porsche to win.

So, plane or car? Which do you think would take the checkered flag?

According to a Popular Mechanics article, GRIP, the German motoring TV show, took a Zivko Edge 540 plane and raced it against a Porsche 918 Spyder. They filmed the ultimate speed test, pitting an ultra high-performance stunt plane against the super-fast Porsche.

You’ve got to see the video to witness this beast against beast contest. The show raced a Porsche 918 Spyder and a Zivko Edge 540 super plane head to head in two separate challenges. Both races required a high-speed chase down a runway followed by a tight pylon turn-back to where they started. Think about this image: a plane racing next to the open-top supercar on a tight course.

Anyone who loves cars or planes is going to love this crazy competition.

We already know the 918 Spyder is Porsche’s fastest car. Some have compared it to the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1. All three of these cars are hybrid-electric precision driving machines pushing nearly 900 horses.

If you’re not familiar with this vehicle, the 918 Spyder has a big 608 horsepower V-8 in the rear with an internal combustion engine supplemented by two electric motors, one to drive the front and one the rear wheels. The setup brings 286 more horses and a lot more torque. Unbelievable.

But the question everyone wanted to know is could it outpace an ultra-light, Zivko Edge 540 Race plane?

The Zivko Edge plane has often been seen blasting through pylons during the Red Bull Air Race. But for this contest, the plane in the contest was piloted by Matthias Dolderer who, according to a Red Bull Air Race article, leads the master class in the high-stakes racing series.

Here’s what you need to know about this aircraft. The Zivko Edge 540 plane has a modified Lycoming aerobatic engine that cranks out 340 hp. That’s about only one-third the power of the car in this race, but it’s one-third the weight so that evens things up a bit.

According to a Jalopnik article, the GRIP show host Matthias Malmedie used a 1.5-mile runway. The Porsche can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 210 mph. The airplane takes a little longer to turn around but gets up to 250 mph in no time and has a top speed of around 267 mph.

At Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we are Denver’s German auto repair professionals, so of course we’re rooting for the Porsche. So what’s faster, an ultralight plane or a Porsche? Spoiler alert: this time the airplane won. We want a rematch.

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