Turbocharger Installation

If you are looking to add power to your vehicle, a turbocharger is a great choice. Shaus Motorsport is the automotive center with the experience you need for turbocharging installation. If you are thinking about adding a car turbocharger, our professionals will install exactly what you need.

768px-Turbo_charger_with_wastegateRebuilding a turbocharger can cost considerably less than replacing it with a brand new one. We use only OEM replacement parts to ensure your turbocharger will run properly. Because our technicians have the knowledge base to provide our customers with the finest car turbocharger installation and service, we are the experts you need.

Specialize in European luxury automobiles such as Porsche, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen; we are proud to offer exceptional workmanship and customer service at affordable prices. Look to us when you need turbocharger installation in Denver.

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