Thinking about Buying a Used Porsche Boxster?

Thinking about Buying a Used Porsche BoxsterAre you thinking about buying a used Porsche Boxster? At Shaus Motorsports in Aurora, we like the Boxster, because in all its generations, it has enough talent for the serious drivers and enough style for the Sunday fun crowd. Here are a few notes if you’re thinking of adding one. Boxsters can be quite affordable which makes them appealing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you consider buying one.

First Generation (1996-2004)

There is a lot to appreciate about the first generation of Boxsters. It was a runaway success for Porsche. It had the style that Porsches were known for while keeping its racing engine and excellent handling. Though some Porsche enthusiasts of the time may not have viewed it favorably, the first generation Boxster was a big success.

If you are thinking of buying a first generation Boxster, check for oil leaks because the rear main seal is known to fail. Though the seal is inexpensive, the labor to get to it can be a bit pricey. Keep in mind too that the early first-generation engines had intermediate shaft issues, specifically the dual-row bearing. If and when it fails, the engine will need a rebuild, which is not a cheap endeavor.

Other areas to check include the main oil seal, the clutch and bearing, the cylinder heads, ignition, and water pump. While that may sound like too much, there is a high probability that a previous owner has already addressed many of these issues, so don’t let the list deter you.

Second Generation (2005-2011)

If you’re thinking about buying a used Porsche Boxster, the second-generation model was considered evolutionary. These Boxsters had both increased horsepower and torque. They also included better technology, greater efficiency, and direct fuel injection.

Many of the first generation engine issues were solved so potential buyers need to check the usual suspects: accident repairs, uneven tire wear, and service history. The only issue that sticks out for the second generation is the suspension springs. A broken suspension spring should be pretty easy to notice—one corner of the car will be lower during the test drive or you will hear a noticeable noise.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Like many other cars, a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection is a worthwhile investment. Be sure that the inspection includes a laser wheel alignment check, which will potentially show you if the car has been in an accident and whether the repair was up to standard.

Be sure that the Boxster includes the windbreak between the headrests, the roll bar inserts, both sets of keys, and manuals. These items can be easily overlooked and are expensive to replace. Ensure the fabric roof works properly and is in good condition. Don’t skimp on doing your homework. There are a number of Boxsters on the used-car market and you want to make a wise choice.

Are you thinking about buying a used Porsche Boxster? We can perform a pre-purchase inspection or look over the one you already own, here at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora. We can help you figure out if the Boxster is in need of some work or if it is ready for you to enjoy out on the road.

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