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The Good and the Bad of Your Audi Warning Lights

All cars made within the last half of this century feature some combination of warning and status lights. This obviously includes all of the cars created within the last ten years of vehicle development and Audis in particular. The creators of Audis have included a huge list of status lights featured on your car’s dashboard, but they aren’t all immediately clear. Not all of them are obvious what they are or what they mean. Here are some of the most common lights which may be inside of your Audi, and what they mean.

Red Lights

As we’ve been taught throughout grade school and in society, red means no or bad or warning. It’s the same within car signal lights. If you see one of these lit up, you need to immediately address the situation, because continuing to drive, or try to drive, while the light is on, could end up wrecking your car. These lights are not suggestions, they are warnings.

Central indicator light. This light looks like a triangle with an exclamation point inside of it. Many Audi owners know that this light means something has gone awry. You’ll need to find out exactly what it is before you continue driving. Most of the time, additional information will be available in the instrument cluster.

Steering lock. This light looks like a steering wheel with a key to the side of it. If this light comes on, you will not be able to steer with power steering, which for most people, means they cannot steer period. Do not try to tow the car on the ground, because it will not be able to turn. Instead, contact a professional.

Yellow Lights

These lights are less threatening than the red, but equally important. They allow your car to communicate with you about the pieces and accessories of your car. From warning you about your oil levels to reminding you about your keys, these are the voice of the car.

Engine warm up. This light looks like a thermometer, partially filled and with three lines on the side of it. This light means that there has been oil inside of the engine. Either drive the car lightly until the light goes off, to evaporate the oil in the engine, or idle until the engine is warm enough to evaporate the oil.

Parking assist malfunction. This light looks like a P with waves coming out of it and towards a triangle. This means that there has been a malfunction with one of the parking assists features, including rear or front parking issues. If this is the malfunction you’re getting in your car, you should also see more information in the cluster when it appears.

Green Lights

The green lights are status signifiers. This means that they will light up when you’ve engaged a feature of your Audi. These are green because they are not bad, in fact they are significant in telling you which part of your car is currently engaged. In this way they help you to control the car and make informed decisions on the road.

Efficiency assist. This light looks like a foot, with an arrow under it’s sole, pointing upwards. This is an interesting light because it is the car telling you that you should remove your foot from the gas pedal. It wants you to do this because the car has found there to be a situation ahead which requires a lowered speed.

White Lights

White lights are reminders and engaged assist features. They light up when they are implemented and let you know which services the car is implementing for you. These are important to keep in mind, because they provide insight into why the car is preforming as needed, or why something is staying the same, despite your attempts to change it.

Audi side assist. This looks like a car inside of a driving side mirror. This particular light can mean a few things, including the sensor vision being restricted by surroundings, the assist cannot be completed because of a towing issue, or there is a malfunction. Sometimes this can be triggered by a low battery.

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