Performance Vehicles

Performance vehicles are not for everyone, some people want an SUV to drive their kids to soccer, while others want a truck for towing and some people just want a car to get them to and from work. However, if you have the “need for speed,” and power is more important than anything else, here is an enticing list of the top 10 high horsepower cars.

When you are looking at high-performance cars, you know you will be spending a significant amount of money. It will not only look amazing, but I will be comfortable too. The high horsepower cars will vary in design, but there will be no question about the quality.

There will be many variations in design among the top powerful sports cars; there won’t be a question of quality. Let’s talk about why you came here in the first place. It is time to get to the really important stuff.
There are many choices when you are shopping in this price range. You have the choice of luxury sedans or sports coupes. Automotive designers have many options to satisfy the needs of high-end buyers. The main objective is to put the most horsepower under the hood. Fast large cars, high-performance coupes, and race-worthy street vehicles all have their devoted customers no matter what the fluctuations or innovations appear on the market.

For some people, the horsepower numbers are the biggest draw. Auto manufacturers know this. They engineer and design sports cars with impressive statistics to draw attention to the car and get the press buzzing. Typically, the sports cars with most horsepower do not sell in high numbers. However, they generate much publicity. These high powered cars earn prestige for the brand generating interest other cars by the same manufacturer.

When an automaker creates a sports car with the most horsepower, it builds interest because they were able to squeeze so much horsepower under the hood claiming the title of most horsepower. The top high horsepower cars have so much power; they tend to be on the large side.
Car manufacturers are always vying for bragging rights that bring fresh attention to their brands. Every year, the title of the highest horsepower car is up for grabs with every new model released.

Top 10 HorsepowerShaus Motorsports knows that your high-performance vehicle requires the very best maintenance service and repair. While our focus has always been on Porsche, BMW, VW and Audi we love a good horsepower story.

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