Performance Upgrades for More Horsepower

car engine repair Shaus Motorsport DenverIf you are looking at performance upgrades for more horsepower, Shaus Motorsport in Aurora has you covered. We understand that you love your high-performance vehicle, but we also know that sometimes more horsepower and more torque can make a great car feel top of the line. There are a few ways to assist you in a quest for better vehicle performance and Shaus has all the parts and expertise needed to help you achieve your goals.

Cold Air Intake

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to maximize your horsepower is to upgrade your cold air intake. Upgrading your cold air intake allows the air coming into your engine to reach colder temperatures. Colder temperatures make the air denser and allow your vehicle to produce more power. This upgrade involves installing a different filter.

Some of the innovatively shaped filters offer 3x the surface area of your factory-installed filter. These parts are also designed to reduce unwanted turbulence and airflow resistance, both of which can cause a reduction in airflow to your engine. This is one of the easiest performance upgrades to achieve more horsepower for your Audi, BMW or Porsche vehicle.

Increase the Diameter of Your Throttle Body

The throttle body in your vehicle works together with your fuel injection system to regulate the airflow to the engine. Air is required to allow your engine to fire properly and so it is important to your engine’s function. A throttle body with a larger diameter and bigger flaps lets more air flow into your engine and in turn, maximizes and improves several aspects of your vehicle’s performance. With a larger diameter in your throttle body, you feel the faster acceleration and a surge in engine power. You can further enhance torque and improve your fuel economy by installing a throttle body spacer.

If you want to improve your horsepower and torque, contact our team at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora to discuss your needs and schedule an appointment. We can help you get the performance upgrades that you want from your high-performance vehicle.

Exhaust Headers and Manifolds

Many vehicle manufacturers must meet various emission requirements and maintain low production costs. This means that your stock manifold may not be moving air as efficiently as it has the potential to do. This means that aftermarket exhaust headers are an excellent possibility for obtaining extra horsepower and torque.

Additionally, changing your headers can also help. Both shorty and long-tube headers can help you achieve better performance. Both help move air faster and more effectively. Long-tube headers may be best for high-revving rides. These headers are great for building mid-range torque and horsepower to top end RPMs. Shorty headers are better for the lower RPM range and will still help with delivering torque and horsepower.

Catalytic Converters

Your stock catalytic converter functions very similarly to a high-flow catalytic converter, but a high-flow can still be one of the more useful performance upgrades you can have done. A high-flow catalytic converter makes sure that emissions are reduced quicker. This is done because the high-flow converters have an increased volume surrounding the catalyst and a less dense cell count internally.

The increased flow capacity of your engine allows it to produce more power. This power increase is most noticeable in the lower RPM range, but a high-flow catalytic converter achieves a power increase in both torque and horsepower across the range.

Replace Your Stock Muffler and Exhaust Pipe

Your stock muffler and factory exhaust pipe can be surprisingly restrictive. You can replace them with a high-flow cat-back exhaust system. It is called this because is placed behind your catalytic converter. If you pair a high-flow cat-back exhaust system with a high-flow catalytic converter, the combination can be one of the more powerful performance upgrades.

For the most impressive gains in your torque and horsepower, use systems that have large-diameter, mandrel-bent pipes. Additionally, some cat-back systems have straight-flow mufflers.  These mufflers can further enhance exhaust airflow and contribute further to more power.

If you are looking to exchange your factory muffler and exhaust pipe, contact us here at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora. We can make sure your choices achieve the increase in power that you want for your high-performance engine.

Performance Programmers and Chips

You can utilize performance chips and power programmers to change the controls of your factory-programmed computer and enhance your vehicle’s performance capabilities. These types of programmers and chips can adjust your vehicle’s settings and easily maximize your horsepower and torque.

Performance upgrades in your turbo boost and engine timing, as well as your fuel-to-air ratio, can all have an impact on your engine’s ultimate performance. The best part is that such performance software is easy to use and install. They even often offer pre-made and pre-programmed selections, along with customizable options.

Superchargers and Turbos—Your Forced Induction System

The greatest performance upgrades can come from compressing the airflow into the engine of your vehicle. This is often done by using forced induction systems, like superchargers and turbochargers. Forced induction systems are capable of increasing both horsepower and torque 50% or more. Adding more air allows your engine to mix in additional fuel faster which increases the overall power that your engine can produce.

A supercharger is powered by a belt that directly connects to your vehicle’s engine. On the other hand, turbochargers are powered by using excess energy from the exhaust stream. This is the primary reason turbochargers are considered to be more efficient but there is a delay (also known as turbo lag) in the production of power. Superchargers are considered to be easier to install and offer instant power, but they are less energy efficient.

If you need performance upgrades for more horsepower and torque for your high-performance Porsche, Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen, we here at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora can help. We can make recommendations about which of these options would serve you best and help you determine whether all of them will help. Contact us for help getting the performance you want from your vehicle.

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