Performance Tuning for your Porsche

How to polish and wax your Porsche

Many Porsche owners insist on washing and waxing their own cars. That’s understandable given how much you’ve invested in your beautiful car. Follow these tips to avoid damaging the unique paint job that gives your Porsche its attitude.

Dry Your Car with a Soft Cloth

To avoid unsightly watermarks, dry your Porsche with a soft cloth. Do not leave it to dry naturally. Pat down the car without rubbing against the paint to avoid scratches, and it will be ready to wax and polish.

Wax and Polish

Polishing and waxing preserves the paintwork and leaves behind a crisp shine. Consult your owner’s manual for the best polish to use with your model. Follow the instructions on the label carefully. Assuming you know how to use the polish can result in stains or leave your Porsche with a dull finish.

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