What Goes Into Rebuilding a Turbocharger?

What Goes Into Rebuilding a TurbochargerAt Shaus Motorsports in Aurora our customers often want to know more about what goes into rebuilding a turbocharger and why they should consider having their turbocharger rebuilt rather than simply buying a new one. Today, we’ll cover the information you need to know to better understand more about turbochargers, rebuilding them, and why you might want to consider having this done by our trained experts.

The General Process

First and foremost, rebuilding a turbocharger helps us understand why your turbo failed and this is an important piece of knowledge. When we take a turbocharger apart, we find out a number details about the general condition of the parts, the appearance, as well as the wear on various internal components. We also learn about your driving habits, how well the oil you use is really functioning for your vehicle, and how your maintenance schedule is working or not working for your turbocharger.

One of the details that pleases people the most, is that a rebuild will save you a great deal of money. The average rebuild can cost around less than half of what a new turbocharger might cost. The extra savings is usually well worth the added time that a rebuild can take. Although, at Shaus Motorsports in Aurora, we can often rebuild your turbocharger in a day if we have all the parts available. Give us a call if you’re interested, and we’ll get you all the details.

What happens during a turbocharger rebuild?

  1. First, the turbo is taken apart and thoroughly inspected. New seals, gaskets, and bearings are usually part of putting the turbocharger back together.
  2. Clearances, including bearing and seal journals, housing bores, wheel dimensions, collars, seals, and bearings, are all usually measured.
  3. A careful balancing procedure, including checking, correcting, and rechecking is performed to rectify imbalances that inevitably occur when the new thrust collar assembly is installed.
  4. All the parts are very thoroughly cleaned. Every tiny detail matters in a precision device like a turbocharger. Small amounts of dirt or carbon, even a speck, can cause quick and severe damage, which will reduce the life of your rebuilt turbo.
  5. Every bolthole, fitting, thread, and gasket surface is carefully inspected to ensure it is in proper working order. Any damaged hardware is replaced and all fittings are sealed to ensure your turbocharger will be trouble free upon installation.


Some shops will rebuild your turbo and install it. At Shaus Motorsports in Aurora, we also accept shipped turbos for rebuild, and upon completion, we will mail it back to you or you can pick it up at our shop. Hopefully, this overview of a turbocharger rebuild helps you better understand what goes into rebuilding a turbocharger and why having one rebuilt is probably the best option available. The precision and care put into a rebuild can give you the same results as a new turbocharger for a better price. And in the end, we may have recommendations to further extend the life of your turbocharger to keep both you and your vehicle happy.

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