Getting More Mileage Out of Your BMW

Getting More Mileage Out of Your BMWAt Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we want to help you with getting more mileage out of your BMW. These vehicles have some of the best performance engines in the world, but it is easy enough to skip some simple steps and not get the most out of your BMW engine. Here are some tips to extend the life of your BMW engine and increase its overall performance.


One of the simplest steps is also the one that often gets skipped. Change your engine oil and engine oil filter regularly. For older engines, changing every 5,000 miles is an excellent schedule to keep. Newer models that use a full synthetic oil can go 7,000 miles between engine oil services. If you are not sure about the oil your engine requires, check your owner’s manual or visit us at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora. If you have an M-Series engine, it is important to only use single weight oil. Do not use variable weight oil as a substitute.

Oil Filter

When it comes to getting more mileage out of your BMW, your vehicle’s oil is crucial. It is important to know that not all oil filters are created equally. A lot of fast lube shops use cheaper paper oil filters. These types of filters can have issues with air restriction and frequent clogging. These cheap filters should be avoided to extend the mileage on your BMW engine.

Pay Attention to Your Cooling System

Make sure that your engine has the coolant it needs and that it has enough of it. Getting more mileage out of your BMW requires proper care and attention to such an important but easily overlooked part of your high-performance vehicle. 

Use a Specialty Shop

Shops that cater to higher end cars and engines, such as Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, are your best bet in keeping you satisfied and your engine running in top shape for a long time. A trained BMW specialist has a much deeper level of understanding and a visual inspection of your engine will give them the opportunity to catch issues early, long before the issue becomes a costly repair or leaves you in a tough spot with a car that won’t start.

Pay Attention to Your Check Engine Light

Though there are many, many reasons that your check engine light comes on while driving, do not be the driver who ignores it. There are three main reasons that prompt the light to come on: fuel distribution and flow, air distribution and flow, and spark delivery to the combustion chamber. Some reasons can be quite simple like your gas cap isn’t sealing properly, but some can be an indicator of a much more serious problem. Ignoring the light can cause your engine serious damage and can put a serious dent in your wallet.

At Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we want you to know whether you are getting more miles out of your BMW. These simple steps are a good start to extending the life of your engine. If you want more help and tips to keep your engine in top shape, contact us a Shaus Motorsport in Aurora.

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