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Everything you need to know about the Volkswagen Beetle recall

Volkswagen has revealed that Beetles manufactured between 2012 and 2014 have a serious parts problem that can result in injury or death: The Takata front airbags on the driver’s side can explode during a crash and propel shrapnel everywhere:

  • The airbag system uses an ammonium nitrate propellant inside of a metal canister known as the inflator for airbag deployment.
  • Although this propellant was considered safe more than a half decade ago, time has revealed that it poses a threat to driver and passenger safety. Heat and humidity degrade it as the system ages. The degraded chemical can then burn too quickly and exert higher than safe pressure inside the canister.
  • To date, approximately 300 people around the world have experienced injury and 25 people have died because of this aging airbag system problem.
  • Owners of Beetle convertibles manufactured between December 29, 2011 and July 2, 2014 and Beetle coupes manufactured between February 17, 2011 and July 3, 2014 need to take their vehicles to their closest dealer for inspection and free parts replacement as soon as possible.

At Shaus Motorsport, we know how important it is for our German automobile customers to have the latest information about safety recalls. For more information about Takata airbags in relation to your VW Beetle, call a member of our team today.

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