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How to improve your Porsche’s gas mileage

The Porsche 997 (2005-2012) is a high-performance vehicle, and the fun of owning it is driving hard and fast. However, driving your Porsche like you are on a racetrack only lowers your MPG, thus, costing you more money and time in fueling. Here are some ways you can get in an extra mile with your…
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Check engine light diagnostics

Dashboard warning lights

The warning lights and indicators on your car’s dashboard allow you to monitor your car’s condition and control settings. Therefore, knowing the meaning of your dashboard lights can help you identify any problems in your vehicle. Here are some of these warning lights: Blinking check engine light – this means your engine has some serious…
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What’s new in 2020: BMW

In 2020 we can expect an onslaught of new BMW models, so we’ve highlighted a handful to look out for below. 2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe The 2-Series Gran Coupe will be available in 228-horsepower, 228i xDrive or 301-hp M235i with standard 17-inch wheels or all-season run-flat tires. 2020 BMW X6 The 3rd generation crossover…
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Performance Tuning for your Porsche

Three unique facts about Porsche

Aside from offering some of the most handsome vehicles on the road, Porsche also has a fascinating history. Below are three interesting facts about the elite manufacturer: Founder Ferdinand Porsche invented the very first gas-electric hybrid vehicle, called The Lohner-Porsche Mixed Hybrid, in 1899. One of the lesser-known Porsche models is…a tractor! The brand licensed…
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Exhaust system repair for your German car

Servicing your Audi during the winter

It is getting colder, so you want to make sure you’re taking extra special care of your Audi during this time so that you don’t get stuck during the winter. You especially want to make sure you’re prepared if your car is more than five years. Here are few things you want to be sure…
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Fascinating facts about BMW

We all know BMW is the most luxurious car model in the automobile industry. Currently, they are a large number of individuals driving BMW cars who don’t know much about them. Here are some of the facts about the BMW model; BMW initially manufactured aircraft before going to the automobile industry. The term BMW is…
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Performance modification services for your German car

Driving in perfect symphony

No, this isn’t a misprint! Take a moment to think about attending a classical music recital. All the different elements, such as woodwind, strings, brass, and percussion, combine seamlessly to deliver a pitch-perfect performance. Isn’t that what you really want from your car as well? All the different systems operating effectively to provide the level…
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Porsche Macan

Why you should buy a Porsche Macan in 2019

Porsche is a classic car manufacturer that has established itself as an elite name in the field of automobiles. But it’s not just about classic car models; the 2019 Macan is particularly appealing to many. With one of five high-speed engines, you’ll get where you need to go with speed and precision. The fastest engine…
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Porsche Boxster auto repair

The Top German Sports Cars

When it comes to German sports cars, you have many choices on the market. It may be hard to determine which cars are the best. The list includes Audi, BMW, Porsche, and more. One of them is the 2019 Mercedes Benz SLC. Its twin-turbocharged engines help you get where you are going in a flash.…
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