Car Repair Services You Will Find At Shaus Motorsports

When you are looking for an car repair services that specialize in the Turbocharger Car Repair Servicesrepair, maintenance and performance upgrading of Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and Porsche, Shaus Motorsport has the experience you are looking for. 

Today’s elite automobiles are always on the cutting edge of engineering.  Automobiles with this level of technology require the very best service.  Our ASE certified technicians have the knowledge base and expertise to provide customers with the finest service and repair.

Some of the services we provide for German cars: 

The key to the longevity of your vehicle is the proper maintenance.  Identifying any small problems before they become larger ones in vital.  Regular maintenance is critical in reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs.  It is not necessary to take your vehicle to the dealership for servicing.

Our experts will perform factory-scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of the dealership and in accordance with strict manufacturer requirements.  In addition to expert servicing, the finest vehicles require quality parts.  We use Original Equipment of Manufacturers or (OEM) parts. By using OEM parts, we keep your vehicle as authentic as the day it was built.  This also allows it to stay with the exacting original quality of the manufacturer.  For your convenience, a 12-month 12,000-mile warranty on services performed is given.

If you are looking for performance tuning or turbo installation, our experts have the skill to provide this service as well.   Whether you are looking for torque, handling, horsepower or speed, we have the latest technology to get your car running at peak performance.

Looking for a turbocharger?  We rebuild turbochargers for all makes and models.  Rebuilding a turbocharger can cost considerably less than replacing it with a brand new one.  We can rebuild turbochargers for all makes and models using only OEM replacement parts or better.

Depending upon the parts, rebuilding a turbo can take one day.  For the out of town clients, you can ship the turbo directly to us.  After our experts rebuild it, they will ship it back to you.  Shaus Motorsport in Aurora Colorado is one of only a few shops to offer this service.  Don’t pay thousands of dollars for a turbocharger; we will provide you with the best possible cost-effective alternative.

A luxury automobile is a thing of beauty.  The experts at Shaus Motorsports can help you achieve any upgrade you are looking for in addition to regular service and maintenance.  See why Denver calls us for luxury upgrades, performance service, and repair.  German cars are our passion.

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