The BMW X7 SUV Has Been Unveiled

The BMW X7 SUV Has Been Unveiled Shaus Motorsport DenverThe BMW X7 SUV has been unveiled and we at Shaus Motorsport in Denver want to share some of the details with you just in case you want to be one of the first people to enjoy this new SUV when it finally hits the market. BMW’s newest large edition is bigger and more luxurious and it is loaded with tech.

Concept Release

BMW unveiled its X7 SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month. As with the rest of the BMW collection, the larger the number the larger the vehicle, so X7 is a fitting label for the BMW SUV. As with any concept, it is subject to change, so what you see may not be exactly what you get but it is always interesting to take a look at most of what will probably be headed your way.

According to BMW, this concept represents the pinnacle of the brand, and some have referred to it as BMW’s flagship SUV, so it’s been given a powerful look. This includes an imposing kidney grille, BMW badging, and slick LED headlamp units. It might be a too much for some, but others may enjoy the large front-end look.

Here’s more of what we know now that the BMW X7 SUV has been unveiled.

A Look Inside

Billed as a luxury model, this car lines up with much of what BMW is already doing. This concept SUV also includes a wide dash and an infotainment screen in the dash center. The vehicle includes BMW’s next generation I-Drive controls and the upholstery is plush leather to complete their luxury look. BMW went with sleek, clean, and high-tech cool in their interior design.

More Tech

The middle row has a pair of screens, so passengers can watch what they want and share what they are browsing with other screens. The X7 concept includes the full services of BMW Connected like other BMWs. There is a great amount of focus on work-related items and productivity, which hints at BMW expecting that people will be driven rather than driving themselves. There is high-tech under the hood as well—a combination of electric motor and regular TwinPower turbo engine.

Some Concept Features May Be Simpler

In the final product, you can probably expect the steering wheel to be a bit simpler than the concept car. The headrests will probably also end up being a bit smaller once this concept hits production. The X7 SUV will probably also lose some of the flash like the backlit crystal glass, but it is billed as a luxury model so quite a bit of the flash will still remain.

Debut in Production

BMW expects to put this concept on sale sometime in 2018. So if you are looking to add this BMW to your garage or replace your existing BMW, you won’t have to wait very long. The BMW X7 SUV has been unveiled and we at Shaus Motorsport in Denver think you might enjoy seeing it when it is out on the market.

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