BMW is Working on Autonomous Cars

BMW is Working on Autonomous CarsAt Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we’ve been keeping up on the news that BMW is working on autonomous cars. As you may know, BMW is making big waves in the car world with their 2017 5 Series because it makes a significant advance towards driverless vehicles. Though there are enthusiastic supporters of these cars, some BMW drivers are not keen on giving up control behind the wheel. After all, these vehicles are exhilarating to drive which is why people buy them.

Now that BMW is working on autonomous cars, we’re getting more details and seeing a number of benefits that might sway the skeptics. Take a look.


The biggest advancement is the Car-to-X-app. Why? Because many proponents of autonomous driving believe that cars need to communicate with each other in order for driverless cars to work safely and accurately. The Car-to-X-app allows the 5 Series to share its information with other BMWs. It is the culmination of the work of the 5G Automotive Association which includes BMW and other car manufacturers as well some of the leading telecommunication companies.

Remote Control Parking

One of the fun features of the 2017 5 Series is that you can park your car much like you would park a remote control toy car from your childhood. This will help when a driver needs to fit into those spaces that just won’t let you open up the driver doors. Just step out of the car, guide it in, and when you need to leave, use the Remote Control Parking feature to guide the car back out again.

Semi-Autonomous Driving

The semi-autonomous system is supposed to help avoid accidents. This system warns the driver of a potential on-coming collision so that they have an opportunity to maneuver away. Additionally, the system will pre-condition your brake system, as well as steer and accelerate up to 130 mph. The system is also designed to help avoid speeding tickets by automatically adjusting the speed to a max of 9 mph above the determined speed limit.

Driver Assistance Plus Package

All the new capabilities are part of the 5 Series Driver Assistance Plus Package. Basically, BMW took the Active Driver Assistant and put it together with the Driver Assistance Plus II to create the Driver Assistance Plus Package. In addition to all the features we already listed, this package will perform lane changes, keep the vehicle in its own lane, and avoid obstacles. It also assists with navigation. All these features make the 2017 BMW 5 Series a very exciting step forward in driverless cars.

Ultimately, driverless cars are something to be excited about and it is wrapped up in a classy car that offers a great deal more in terms of technology. Now that BMW is working on autonomous cars, we plan to keep an even closer eye on their next step too—we certainly want to see what will be next.

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