What Are the Benefits of an HID Conversion

What are the benefits of an HID conversion? Here at Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we want to share a bit about HID (High-Intensity Discharge) xenon headlights which are the newest thing for modifying all types of vehicles. HID headlights look cool and provide several benefits that you might enjoy adding to your car. And when you’re ready, come see us for install.

Improved Brightness

HID headlights offer improved brightness for nighttime driving. These headlights can be 3 to 5 times brighter than a regular halogen bulb and this is a considerable improvement. This upgrade has been achieved by combining xenon gas with an electrical charge. The electrical charge agitates the gas producing a whiter and brighter light.

Halogen lights have a filament that is heated to produce their light output. The lamps are usually yellowish and use twice the amount of energy to produce light. This makes the HID headlights a much better option overall.

Better Visibility

The quality of your nighttime driving visibility will be substantially improved with HID xenon headlights. The beams are bright and bolder. These lights allow you to see a much broader field both on the periphery and in front of your vehicle. This can be a great way to see obstacles well before you would be able to with halogen or regular bulbs. Bottom line, one of the benefits of an HID conversion is greater nighttime safety.

Better Durability

HID xenon bulbs can last several times longer than a standard bulb. This allows for you to have great visibility and reduce the number of times you need to change the headlights on your vehicle. If you want to get your headlights converted, contact Shaus Motorsport for assistance. We can get them installed for you quickly so that you can have these durable, high performing lights on your next nighttime drive.


Again, HID xenon headlights add to your everyday driving safety. Because you can see better and further, you will be safer while you are driving. Lack of visibility can be a factor in so many accidents. These headlights can give you a safety advantage while you are on the road and allow you a better peace of mind when driving at night.

Consider Using a Professional

You will see a number of websites for HID xenon headlights and as with any aftermarket product, you want to choose carefully. Many products will talk about the ease of installation and how inexpensive their product can be. Some of these products may not fit your specific vehicle very well and others may be inexpensive because they are too cheaply made.

Having a professional help you will ensure that your conversion to HID lights is going to fit properly and that you are getting a better product. Additionally, some older vehicles may not be well suited to having HID lights and a professional can make you aware of such issues in advance.

What are the benefits of an HID conversion? Increased visibility, improved brightness and greater durability are solid advantages. They also look pretty cool, too. If you want to get HID headlights installed, contact us here at Shaus Motorsport for your conversion needs.

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