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It is getting colder, so you want to make sure you’re taking extra special care of your Audi during this time so that you don’t get stuck during the winter. You especially want to make sure you’re prepared if your car is more than five years. Here are few things you want to be sure to do:

  • Check your battery

Cold weather affects your Audi’s battery and charging system. Check the date and condition of your battery. If your car will be sitting for extended periods during the winter, you should get a low amperage battery installed.

  • Check your coolant system components

The older your Audi is, the plastic components that make up your coolant systems can become brittle and crack. Also, your coolant should be changed or flushed every two years.

  • Check the condition and pressure of your tires

This should be done regularly but especially during the colder months. Look for cracking and damage to the tread. Also, check the depth of your tire tread. All tires have a manufacturer date on them. Tires older than ten years should be replaced.

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