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10 Benefits Of German Auto Repair For Your European Luxury Vehicle

German auto repairOwnership of European luxury vehicles is growing steadily, as many as 11.4 million owners are expected in 2022! To be fair, this is hardly surprising when you consider the comfort, performance, reliability, and safety features offered by brands like VW, Audi, Porsche or BMW.

If you’re the owner of a European Luxury Vehicle, you’ll want to ensure you maintain the premium features, so that it stays in tip-top condition. Also, it’s not uncommon for high-end products to suffer from common faults or deficiencies – most commonly its electrical issues when it comes to German auto repair.

Although these are easy to repair, they’re tricky to diagnose.

Why Is High-Quality Repair Necessary?

When a car goes wrong, it causes all manner of stress and inconvenience, and in some cases, it’ll impact each and every aspect of your life. So, understanding what’s wrong with your vehicle, getting it fixed, and back on the road is essential.

This then begs the question, how can you ensure your car receives the quality of care it needs when booking service or repair?

Franchised auto repair chains and dealerships are often the first places we turn to when our car needs some TLC. However, a recent survey shows customers of independent mechanics have a better experience in terms of all-over quality, price, satisfaction and turn around time – and it doesn’t stop there!

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should take your European luxury car to a German auto repair center.

Advantages of Using a German Auto Repair Center

Finding a good local mechanic can be more beneficial than you would think. So, we’ve listed ten reasons below, although we’re sure there are many more

1. Experience and Knowledge

More often than not, an independent repair shop owner boasts more experience handling auto mechanic repairs than mechanics based at a dealership.

Usually, you’ll find they’ve started at a dealership to get the necessary qualifications and experience. A few years down the line, they’ve bitten the bullet and set up their own business

2. Full Range of In-House Services

German auto repair centers offer a variety of in-house services; this means they can offer super competitive prices without cutting back on the quality of service.

3. Personalized Care and Individual Service

An independent repair center is the place to go if you value personalized service. Owners of an independent repair center and their staff don’t often change, meaning they’ll get to know you and your car in a way that’s more personal.

Therefore, you can expect a better quality of diagnostics and service. The mechanic working on your vehicle will talk to you in person, to ensure you understand the work they’ve completed in addition to any other issues that arose as they assessed the damage.

4. Reviews and Ratings You Can Trust

The reputation and reviews of an independent German auto repair center are more trustworthy as staff turnover is less likely to change.

Therefore, you can almost guarantee that the testimonials you’re reading are about the mechanics servicing your car.

5. State of the Art Factory Diagnostics

The latest factory diagnostic equipment is used to ensure your luxury car is accurately diagnosed. As well as this, in-depth knowledge of German auto repair combined with the diagnostic report ensures your vehicle receives precisely what’s needed to fix the problem.

6. Fully Certified Technicians

The mechanics at a German auto repair center are all fully certified. This means that between them they hold a tremendous amount of experience.

This level of expertise is essential to make sure that after diagnosis, the correct parts are ordered for your vehicle.

7. Easy to Contact

Want to get some advice about your luxury car? Calling your local independent auto repair center to discuss the specific requirements of your vehicle is so much easier!

No more infuriating music or telephone trees to work through, you can talk to a real person – and fast!

8. Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

You can be confident that Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are used to repair and service your luxury European vehicle.

Information from the diagnostics is used to order parts from reputable suppliers that are specifically tailored to your make, model, and brand of car.

9. Third Party Extended Warranties Accepted

German auto repair centers often accept third-party extended warranties. This is fantastic news and great for helping you to cover the cost of any service or repairs that are needed.

10. Lower Overheads = Cheaper Repairs

The facilities and premises of an independent auto repair center are often much smaller than dealerships.

When overhead costs are lower, the savings are usually then passed onto you, the consumer. Plus, they typically have the wriggle room to order and use less expensive parts (that’s if you want them!)

German Auto Repair Experts

Luxury European Vehicles are renown for their reliability and quality, but just like any other vehicle, they do sometimes experience problems.

The easiest option might appear to be returning your car to the dealership but, in reality, there are many reasons why it’s worth your while to shop around for reputable German Auto Repair Centre instead.

If you’re looking for personalized service, with staff who are loyal to you, not a manufacturer- then investing a bit of time and effort into finding an independent auto repair center will pay off in more ways than one.

At Shaus Motorsport in Aurora, we offer top quality service, repairs and performance upgrading of BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche. We’re passionate about providing personalized, professional service to ensure each and every German car we take care of gets the luxury treatment it deserves.

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